free seminar

Alkaline foods: increasing longevity and eliminating illness

A free information session about the benefits of eating alkaline foods. From improving longevity to eliminating illness. The session covers:

  1. What is Immunity and how does it function in a healthy body.

  2. Benefits to boosting your Immune System.

  3. Identify and Discuss food sensitivity and immune cellular protection.

  4. Identify and discuss Allergy V Food Sensitivity.

  5. Hypersensitive and Hyposensitive immune system. What is it and the outlining conditions associated with each immune system.

  6. Alkaline V Acidic Foods.

  7. 80/20 Rule of thumb. Discussion of a balanced food plan.

  8. Alkalizing Supplements.

Tea and snacks provided after the session.

11 December 7pm

Free event - seats are limited, bookings essential.  Book Here