Distance Sessions

The explanations for how distance treatments work come from our understanding of phenomena described by quantum physics. 

In conducting rigorous experiments to explore the realities of the sub-atomic world, quantum physicists have discovered that when two particles that were once connected are separated, anything that is done to one will have the same and equal effect on the other at the precise same time. It does not matter how much space separates these particles, a few feet or a few light years. The changes are seen instantaneously in both. There is no transference of information between the two particles, as that would take time. It seems that the two particles behave as one. That is, effects seen "here" are also experienced "there". This phenomenon has been labelled "non-locality". 

This non-local quality has been noted not only between particles, but between people as well. It can happen spontaneously between family members who are very close - for example, the mother who hand starts throbbing just as her daughter living down the road burns her hand.  Or one twin who feels that labour pains of the other twin who is giving birth at that precise time in another country. 

It seems that we can also tap into the non-local nature of the universe deliberately when we take the name and address of a client: it serves to connect us to this person. When we then conduct a distance BodyTalk treatment, the links that are tapped out happen instantaneously to the client regardless of where he or she is. 

Another concept that has been slowly accepted by quantum physics over the past century is that no thing exists until there's an observer to see it. This "observing things into reality" also helps explain why/how distance BodyTalk treatment yield results. If the practitioner "sees" the client and "sees" the shifts taking place, even if it's in the mind's eye, then that practitioner acts as the observer for the shifts to translate into this reality. 

This visualisations that occur in the BodyTalk practitioner's mind can be regarded as a holographic record of the information being picked up from the client. Holograms contain the information of the whole. As long as we have the client's name and address, we have access to the entire morphogenic field of information around that person (the study of morphogenic fields is an attempt to scientifically document and describe how human consciousness is shared). This holographic morphogenic field is what we are interacting whith to recieve the "yes/no" responses and the priorities as set by the distance client's innate. 

Another way to view the holographic nature of the universe is through the concept that the mind is omnipresent. That is, mind is everywhere and all at once. Essentially, whatever your mind focuses on, is where it is. The Russian and U.S military forces understood this principle when they trained people to conduct remote viewing of each other's secret bases during the cold war. Government officials provided the coordinates of military sites and the remote viewers would use their minds to describe the buildings and their contents as well as people stationed there. This is not dissimilar to what we do when we "see" our distance clients in our minds and pick up information about them. 
Distance sessions allow for international contact, and you are able to enjoy the comfort of your own home whilst the session runs. They are more accessible, diminishing additional time required to travel. This is of benefit for those who live far distances, unable to organise transportation, anyone who is too sick to travel or alternatively, those with younger children.

A number of clients who have started out with in-person sessions have, for reasons usually related to convenience, switched to receiving distance treatments. Many of these clients also report that their results at a distance seem to be more powerful than their in-person treatments. 

Common Questions:

Q. How and when will I find out the details of my session?
        A.  Your session details will be emailed directly to you after the session. If you have any questions about the session, feel free to email. 

Q. Will there be any noticeable changes immediately after or during the session?
        A.  Some people are very sensitive and therefore may experience tiredness as their body relaxes, emotional release, tingling or goosebumps, change in body temperature, or a sense of lightness. It can also be common to not experience anything at all, as the session is working behind the scenes. 

Q. How do I need to prepare?
        A.  There is nothing specific that you need to do in order to prepare. 

Q. Do I need to be somewhere specific, or lying down when the session occurs?
        A. Most people prefer to be lying down or in a relaxing position during the session.