BodyTalk Fundamentals Course

Carrie said:

What I liked most:  besides learning about BodyTalk! I liked the structure and relaxed learning style, the ‘feel’ to the course contributed to my success and how much I could take in – it was great.  I feel I learnt a lot from everyone involved – Thanks

Comments: Melissa’s teaching style was really great – thanks a lot.

Benefits: apart from better health, helps with connection to higher self and finding ‘purpose’ in life and personal relationships.

Deb said:

Goals: Personal development and learning of BodyTalk

What I like most: relaxed interactive way of learning and use of everybody’s other modalities and learnt more because of it.

What I least like: that it had to end

Comments: Really love the residential idea.

Benefits I received: Healing of myself, personal development, support by IBA and other students/practitioners.  Learnt more than I ever felt possible in 4 days! Lots of fun, love and laughter – great to see people grow.


 Karen said:

What I liked most: Relaxed, fun, learning environment made learning easy.  Great to practice techniques – good timing.

Comments: Thankyou, I really enjoyed the group energy – everyone supporting each other.  The course was informative, practical and very applicable for wellness.  Melissa, you presented the information extremely well in a fun, relaxed manner.  I look forward to implementing what I have learnt on my clients.  Thanks again.

 Janette said:

Goals: Learn about BodyTalk, what it could achieve, how it could improve my health and how I could use it in my practice.

What I liked most: Interaction with other students and well as instructor.

Comments: BodyTalk blew my mind.  I feel is achieved so much for me and opened up my intuition more as well as giving me an additional modality to use in my practice.


 Louise said:

Goals: To discover more about BodyTalk and open my mind and spirit.

What I like most: Everything!! Everyone was supportive, encouraging and giving – “WOW”!! Being successful and getting the yes/no.

What I least liked: It ended.

Comments: The whole experience was awesome.  I have more belief in my abilities.  There were so many firsts for me. Thank you Melissa.

Jacqui said:

What I liked most:  Feeling of ease between instructor and ALL students

Comments: Overall, I would rate this workshop as Excellent

 Jeannine said:

What I like most: The unique dynamic between instructor and all course participants.

Comments: Melissa knows and loves/breathes the subject matter and I couldn’t help but get excited too.  She makes you believe that anything is possible.


 Paul said:

Comments: Melissa was great and the whole group dynamic was positive.  I am extremely grateful to all who participated and words truly can’t explain the joy I feel.

Tammy said:

What I liked most:  Melissa made everything simple, clear and easy to understand.  This gave me confidence with every aspect of Bodytalk.

What I least liked: We had to go home at the end!

Comments:  Thankyou Melissa for your time and effort that you gave to everyone in the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learnt heaps!



BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration Course

“If you are seriously thinking about setting up a full-time Body Talk Practice or expanding your part-time practice Advance Fundamentals Integration Course is the course to attend. Melissa will give you the tools to assist you to set up or expand your practice. The Orthopedic Evaluation component which she includes is very valuable as it visibly shows the client the changes that have occurred in their range of movement as a result of the Body Talk session.” Di Stewart

“I found the Advanced Fundamentals Integration course very helpful in reviewing the Fundamentals techniques. Also being able to learn and practice orthopedic evaluation techniques was very good, as it shows the client what a big difference BodyTalk can make. The course was taught at a nice pace, allowing lots of practice and interaction with the instructor and other students.” Claire Moore

"As with everything I attend it's very informative and relevant to what I want to achieve. The Range of Motion Evaluation had the most impact in that not only will the client be able to recognise changes, but for myself being able to see before and after results before they leave the clinic, is a great advantage. A lot of my sessions have structural components incorporated in them, this just brings another level to the results achieved.'' Madonna Matthews