Beetroot a forgotten superfood

I watched Heston Blumenthal make a beetroot risotto which looked absolutely yummy! The great benefits of beetroot are not widely advertised in magazines or other articles you read. Here is a website that goes into a lot of the benefits of beetroot.

So whether you stem, boil, roast or shred it - go a grab a bunch today and boost your mind and body!

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Brisbane - What a success!

I had a BodyTalk stand at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival again this year.  We caught up the regulars that visit us each year and met a lot of new people to spread the work about BodyTalk.  We performed over 30 sessions each day which kept us really busy.  Thank you to Robyn Spooner, Madonna Matthews and Therese Wicks for all your contribution is bringing it together again for another year - your energy, organisation and knowledge of BodyTalk is amazing!