31st October - 3rd November, 2019

Ramada Resort at Seventeen Mile Beach, Tasmania

A four day retreat to emotionally detoxify the mind and the body. Escape into the luxurious bungalows where you will have your own private room and all meals will be provided so you don’t need to do a thing. You will embark on a journey over the 4 days to identify emotionally what is holding you back from being your true self and then you will be guided through a process to detoxify your mind of these emotions and put in place easy steps to continue the process on your own.

Starting with a relaxing foot soak of key essential oils, you will work with crystals, breathing techniques, learn how to reset your jaw where you store a lot of emotions, develop a mindful eating approach for yourself, learn to reset the vagus nerve as well as HeartMath techniques. You will take home a HeartMath monitor so you can continue your journey in learning to be in control of your life.



  • Foot detox

  • Working with crystals to clear emotions

  • Ionisation breathing technique

  • Emotionally charging your water for health

  • Mindful eating

  • Control the emotional brain'/mind

  • Clearing your aura

  • Jaw release to release emotions

  • Vagus nerve reset to calm the body

  • HeartMath activities to bring cohesion to the heart, mind and body

Included in the retreat:

  • Private room within a 2 or 3 bedroom presidential bungalow

  • Welcome gift box

  • All meals - 4 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and morning and afternoon teas, welcome dinner on the 30th of October and breakfast before check-out on the 4th of November.

  • Essential oils and crystals for use at the retreat and to take home

  • Inner Balance HeartMath trainer (value $239) - (need an android or iPhone to use this).


Early bird price (first five booking only) - $2195* - All Gone

All other bookings - $2695*

*Cost includes activities, accommodation and meals, but not airfares.

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