Melissa has undertaken addition study in Australian and overseas in certain areas that she specializes in.  While she sees clients with all conditions, if you have one of the following conditions she has a wider range of knowledge, skills, experience and “tools” to assist you to be 100% again.


Melissa has studied NAET and also Body Chemistry Specifics (the only practitioner to have done both in Australia).  These courses are centred on working with the allergic reactions that people have when coming into contact with certain substances.  Melissa uses a combination of knowledge of Chinese medicine, acupressure points, meridians and identifying underlying emotions to address allergies with remarkable results in a short timeframe.

Learning Difficulties

Melissa’s background in education and her interest in children has created her desire to work with kids to have every opportunity to learn.  Children can have learning difficulties as a result of a wide range of things such as: food allergies; unable to concentrate; emotional issues; unable to filter out distractions; some of their 5 sense haven’t develop fully.  Melissa has worked with kids with varying degrees of autism through to just having trouble spelling.  Children don’t have as much “baggage/experiences” as adults and therefore usually respond quickly after a couple of session with very noticeable improvements.


As a result of Melissa’s own experience with pain that drove her to BodyTalk, she believes that pain can in most cases be eliminated or in the worst cases extremely reduced to a bearable level.  Melissa has studied additional courses such as Structural Integration to assist in working with pain.