Distance Sessions


Every atom in the universe, and therefore, every cell and body part of a human being, is interconnected as told by Quantum Physics. This further suggests that each human being is connected also, explaining the theory behind BodyTalk distance sessions.

A technique known as MindScape is utilised by the BodyTalk practitioner when facilitating the distance session, allowing it to be performed without any physical contact. Through these techniques, the practitioner can use the intuitive powers of the mind to gain an understanding of the your well-being, and areas of priority within the body that are needing healing. As the BodyTalk practitioner receives the energy frequencies being sent by you, they can tune to this frequency, establish priorities, and reconnect areas of disharmony. These adjustments are then able to be made by your body.


Distance sessions are more accessible, diminishing travel time. This is of benefit for those who live far distances, unable to organise transportation, anyone who is too sick to travel or alternatively, those with younger children. Distance sessions also allow world wide contact, and you are able to enjoy the comfort of your own home whilst the session runs.


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