My background is in business, education and computing with a degree in each of these fields.  In 2000 I developed a problem with my right hip which caused considerable pain.  I had not injured it so I couldn’t explain what caused the pain I was feeling.  Over a period of 9 months it was progressively getting worse.  I saw doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors as I thought they would be able to “fix it” as it was a physical pain.

I was also seeing a naturopath/homeopath at the time and asked if she knew of anyone that could help as I was not getting any results through the above therapists.  She referred me to another practitioner that she explained was someone she sent people to if she couldn’t get the person back to 100%.

So off I went to see what this practitioner could do for me.  Throughout the session I kept trying to figure out why my arm was moving in response to some questions and not with others.  I was trying to figure out whether I was doing it, but I knew I wasn’t and therefore I couldn’t’ explain what was going on.  My practitioner explained to me at the beginning that she worked with the priorities that the body identified and the pain in the hip may not have been the first priority.  Anyway I felt that there was something in it so I continued to go for a few sessions.  I did notice as a result of these sessions my headaches greatly reduced and the tightness in my shoulder reduced.

It was session number 5 that did it!!!  A range of things came up at the session regarding the muscles and bones of the hip and leg as well as emotional issues that were related.  The next morning I woke up and was pain free.  I walked around a bit after getting up, thinking that the pain can’t just go overnight – after all I had it for over 9 months, surely it would just gradually improve – it can’t disappear?

Well 17 years on and I have never had any pain in that hip since session 5.  I think there are two things that set BodyTalk apart from anything else that I am aware of:


  1. It recognises that the body has a desire and ability to heal itself and in doing so, it knows that certain things need to be healed in a particular order so as not to cause other issues.
  2. Everyone is different and therefore no BodyTalk session will ever be the same – it is tailored according to what your body requires and you are in complete control.


When you find out things like there are 100,000 chemical reactions happening every second in your body you begin to realise that no human could ever really know what is happening inside of themselves and therefore could never diagnose nor treat the problem by themselves without “asking the body” to get involved!