Client Feedback

"Brisbane Locals .. Been meaning to share this with many before I leave .. Melissa Smith is amazing & thank goddess she does distance sessions & Bris is not that far to drive ! My most recent awesome experience was taking Bodhi along .. At my wits end with him . His behaviour was feral , he was having massive shrieking outbursts .. He was nervously picking his mozzie bites & obsessed with his dummy, sleep was shocking & had some unexplained rash . 1 session with Mel & 5 days off dairy .. Different child ! Week later - dummy ditched, no picking - legs healing , waaaay less shrieking . Rash gone. Nice child in his place lol. Quite a few of you have had great results with Mel already but I'v been meaning to share her details cos I can't keep her all to myself , she is so amazingly gifted & intelligent & understands every inch of your body from bones to valves in your heart & cortexes of the brain .. Oh yeah she has helped heal just broken arm & a concussion too so she's basically my go to before a doc as well! We all need more tools in the tool shed ! "

White Blood Cell 3 times the level

59 year old man had a white blood cell count that had continued to rise over a year and was three times above the allowable range.  After 8 session when the client went for a bone marrow scan and other blood tests, the doctor couldn’t’ explain how the white blood cell count was back within range.  The man had not changed diet, or any other thing in his life.  He always ate healthy and exercised.  As he said the only thing that was different is that he had BodyTalk.

Learning Difficulties (Asperger's)

10 year old boy with Asperger’s (level of autism) who was four levels below other student in spelling and every time it was time to play sport at school he would run off.  The mother couldn’t’ take him to shopping centres as the noise and lighs overwhelmed him and he would just run to get away.  After 2 BodyTalk session the teacher asked the mother what she had done as the boy came up to the teacher when it was time to play sport and said he wasn’t going to play and just sat down.  He also caught up with the rest of the class with spelling over a 6 week period.


39 year old woman who had several allergies (wheat, milk, bananas, wine) and would potentially end up with migraines or severe stomach cramps as a result of having such substances after 4 session was able to start having milk and over the following sessions was able to eat and drink all of these products.

Back Pain

62 year old woman who had suffered varying degress of back pain over the last 20 years after a couple of sessions was pain free.

Frozen Shoulder

48 year old man with a frozen shoulder after 1 session was able to fully rotate his arm and was pain free.


44 year old smoker wanted to give up smoking and had tried various things and none were successful.  When he came for session 6 he commented that he had just stopped smoking.  He hadn’t bought a packet in four weeks and just didn’t have the desire anymore.  A few years on and he is still a non-smoker.